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My name is Kim and after fighting off an auto-immune disease myself using Ayurveda, I started Rasa to share what Ayurveda taught me, in plain English. You can read my full story here if you’re interested. At Rasa, I’m on a mission to help you keep an open mind, live healthier, and happier. Because I do believe that if you take responsibility for your own happiness you are making a positive shift in the world and that is all I’m hoping for. That we, together, create a positive change in the world and as such find more peace. Lastly, if you want to see what Ayurveda looks like in real life, you can find me on Instagram where I share how I put Ayurveda to work in my daily life. I made a promise to keep it real, not too polished up (although I’m a sucker for good looking images). So expect a healthy mix of deep spiritual wisdom, honest reflections, practical tips and tricks, recipes, and guilty pleasures. With love, Kim
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